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Architect SF provides high-quality architecture services and is dedicated to bringing clients goals and visions into reality. We are a full service architectural design firm with a diverse design practice.

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Architecture on a Budget

- Keep it simple

- Have clear set of priorities

- It's a matter of using space efficiently

- Don't modify the design during construction

- Have parameters well defined in advance

- Priorities and know where you want to spend the money

- Use standard materials in an unconventional way

- Be creative but work within industry proven standards

-Be clear from the start on what can and can't be done with the budget

- Architect, Client, and Builder should share a common vision and work together

-Be flexible in all phases

"Of all the people we worked with doing this work ( arch, carpenter, electrician, painter, stucco , window manufacturer) Francisco stands out as THE most professional, reasonably priced, pleasant one in the bunch." "When we do our master bath remodel, he is the first person I will contact."

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